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Monthly Small Groups

Prosper Elite Volleyball Small Groups specializes in custom athlete-specific training that enhances each fundamental aspect of the game.  Training small groups allows our professional coaches to give your athlete the competitive edge over other players and develop exceptional skills.  

Small Group Training designs a specific program that enhances your players strengths and provides a path to overcome challenges. This is especially beneficial for players who are currently on a club team or preparing to try out for a club or school team.

Prosper Elite understands that for an athlete to get better fundamentally, physically and mentally in volleyball they need as many touches as possible on the ball. Small groups allow each group only 8 -10 players at a time and to train with top notch coaches specializing in all areas of volleyball. 

Each month the athlete will have access to 8 to 10 Small groups sessions at $175/monthly. We at Prosper Elite understand how financially difficult it is to pay for private/small groups at a high price, so we found a way to help alleviate that and discounted our small groups to allow anyone and everyone to be able to attend. 


For more information, please contact us at  or call 469-306-4044 to get your athlete set up monthly for our PEVC small groups.