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Looking for a volleyball club located in the Prosper.  Prosper Elite Volleyball Club is a junior volleyball club based out of Prosper, Texas. At Prosper Elite Volleyball Club we have teams ranging from 9U-15U with top coaches in our area, and highly competitive schedules.  Our coaches are all background screened and IMPACT and SAFE SPORT certified. Prosper Elite Volleyball is a proud member of North Texas Region (NTR) USA Volleyball.

  • Great Player to Coach Ratios

  • Competitive - Prosper Elite Volleyball Club is a competitive club and our scouts recruit ELITE athletes.  This enables each player to push past their own limits and train to reach the next level of their game.  We also find leagues and tournaments that will challenge our players for constant competitive play.  
  • Unbeatable Programs - We offer Top Tier Level programs for 9U-15U.
  • Giving Back - Prosper Elite Volleyball Club is committed to giving back to the community.  Whether it be a team-building event or an individual player contribution, all of our players will receive lots of opportunities to volunteer and give back.  Our Big Sis Little Sis Program allows our athletes to support each other while making lasting teammates/friendships. 


Prosper Elite Mission Statement


Prosper Elite Volleyball Club is an opportunity for young athletes to improve their volleyball skills and abilities, compete at a higher level, teach the principles of teamwork and sportsmanship, and teach responsibility and commitment.  The mission of Prosper Elite Volleyball Club is to be a leader in teaching, coaching, and training young volleyball athletes in all aspects of the sport, including skill and technique training, team tactics, strength and conditioning, and basic skills in sports psychology and leadership.  This competitive athletic experience will enhance social development, contribute to mental and physical health, and teach each athlete the values of teamwork, responsibility, self-discipline, and self-motivation.  Prosper Elite Volleyball Club intends to develop each volleyball athlete in the program, whether the player desires to play at the collegiate level or the player that wants to make their school team.  In summary, PEVC's goal is to train young players to optimize athletic potential and develop life skills through volleyball.  


Morganne Speck - Club Owner/Director