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2023 Tryout Information

Per the Junior Participation / Competition Handbook: The Evaluation Window for the upcoming USA Volleyball season shall start on the first Saturday after the last day of the competition for all age groups at USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships.

For all USA Volleyball age groups, the acceptance date is on the Tuesday after the evaluation window begins.

Girls Junior National Championships ends Thursday July 6th

Evaluation Window for all age groups opens Saturday July 8th*

Acceptance date for all age groups starts Tuesday July 11th*

*These are the intended dates for 2023. These are subject to change should issues or requirements make that necessary.

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EMPOWER to Prosper



Looking for a volleyball club located in the Prosper area?  Prosper Elite Volleyball Club is a junior volleyball club based out of Prosper, Texas. At  Prosper Elite we have teams ranging from 9U-17U with top coaches in our area, and highly competitive schedules.  Our coaches are all background screened and IMPACT and SAFE SPORT certified. Prosper Elite Volleyball is a proud member of North Texas Region (NTR) USA Volleyball.

  • Great Player to Coach Ratios 

  • Competitive - Prosper Elite Volleyball Club is one of the most competitive clubs and our scouts recruit ELITE  athletes.  This enables each player to push past their own limits and train to reach the next level of their game.  We also find leagues and tournaments that will challenge our players for constant competitive play.  

  • Unbeatable Programs - We offer Top Tier Level programs for 9U-17U.​

  • Giving Back -Prosper Elite Volleyball Club is committed to giving back to the community.  Whether it be a team-building event or an individual player contribution, all of our players will receive lots of opportunities to volunteer and give back. Our Big Sis Little Sis Program allows our athletes to support each other while making lasting teammates/friendships.

 Prosper Elite Mission Statement-

Prosper Elite Volleyball provides an opportunity for young female athletes to improve their volleyball skills and abilities, compete at a higher level, teach the principles of teamwork and sportsmanship, and teach responsibility and commitment. The Mission of Prosper Elite Volleyball is to be a leader in teaching, coaching, and training young volleyball athletes in all aspects of the sport, including; skill and technique training, team tactics, strength and conditioning, and basic skills in sports psychology and leadership. This competitive athletic experience will enhance social development, contribute to mental and physical health, and teach each athlete the values of teamwork, responsibility, self-discipline, and self-motivation. Prosper Elite Volleyball intends to develop each volleyball athlete in the program, whether the player desires to play at the collegiate level or the player that wants to make their school team. In summary, Prosper Elite's goal is to train young players to optimize athletic potential and develop life skills through volleyball.

Morganne Speck-Club Owner/Director


Club volleyball is known to have a higher level of competitiveness than

school ball and recreational volleyball. Players considering making the jump to play club should be made aware of the following:



Prosper Elite Volleyball Club is an avenue for female athletes 9U-17U to receive advanced training and compete on local, regional, and national stages.


During Evaluation/Tryout sessions, players MUST bring a copy of the following:

*Birth Certificate

Medical Release

*Prosper Elite Waiver*


Summer League Practices will be held one day a week for 2 hours and games on Fridays. Season practice will be two days a week for 2 hours . For those players that are in school volleyball, we will work around their schedules. School Volleyball is very important and Prosper Elite will not conflict with any practices or games/tournaments.  Practice Facilities will be at different facilities based on age division. Locations will be updated at the start of the 2022-2023 Season.  Practice times/days will be determined by the coach.

  Prosper Elite Volleyball is a Local Club and will attend tournaments local to the DFW area. There will also be opportunities for teams to travel to events in Texas and around the United States. Tournaments can be 1, 2, or 3-day events and usually take place on a Saturday and/or Sunday.  Prosper Elite will have the updated tournament at the start of the  2022-2023 season.


  Prosper Elite Volleyball Club's focus is building our athletes not breaking our family's bank accounts. Our low-cost club fees are just another benefit that allows our club to be so competitive. Hit the Club Fee tab for more information. 


 Prosper Elite Gear includes- 2  game jerseys, 2 practice shirt  and 1 backpack. Players are responsible for purchasing their kneepads and shoes.  We will have a shoe option you may purchase to be uniform with the team.  All shoes must be black and/or white.

Prosper Elite Volleyball teams are led by professional coaches and fitness trainers that are highly qualified experienced coaches. Every coach is USAV IMPACT and Safe Sport Certified. Using coordinated techniques to teach age-appropriate skills and participating in mandatory clinics to coordinate approaches to coaching. This interconnected method benefits players by creating a strong foundation and building upon it with a cohesive process.


Morganne Speck 



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